Two Sides


The coin has two faces;
turn the coin over to choose
dawn or sunset
day or night
where will your spirit roam?
You can not escape your choices
even not choosing
is a choice
to give others your power.

Who you are today
results from past choices.
Who you will become
is determined
by today’s decisions.


  1. I found your blog by a comment on Professions of Peace that lead me to Viewpacific.
    I visited The Hobbit sit in while in NZ.
    The poem is so true, thanks for sharing.
    In this a shrinking world sharing is so important._/\_


  2. Great and charming photo, plus wise words shared! I am always glad when someone reminds us that we can choose how we feel! I have thought that the research on smiling is incredible, in that it says that by just smiling on the outside, even when we don’t feel like it, it changes us. We start to feel better. It is probably because everyone smiles back at us!


  3. I couldn’t agree more. Past choices do not have to shape today’s decisions. But these can be hard habits to break!


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