The Story


The story tells
of the One Who Is All
creating what is required
to experience all possibilities.
In this creation He placed
ongoing universes
populating them with
all that is needed
for every contingency
each a thought of
the Divine Mind.

Where are we in the fantasy
this world of illusion in
the mind of the Creator?
Are we real or just one more
opportunity for Source
to experience all that we do?

The story interests me although
I find it lacking compassion.
Why must I suffer for a bored
Creator who wants to know what
it’s like to know pleasure and pain?

No, in my story
God is loving
I could not love
a god who is wrathful
full of vengeance
who casts us into
an eternal hell
for being as He made us.

Choose your story carefully
my friends, for it decides
how you live. Yet know that
all stories have the same
ending for there is
only one Creator
Master of love and light
creating in perfection
to the end.


  1. First of all I respect you and I like your poems a lot
    But what about people who do bad things .who hurt others .who deny that there is God that creates everything.Do you think they do not deserve to go to hell.
    God creates hell and he is the only one that decides who deserve it
    He is merciful and forgiving
    Sorry my friend but that is what I believe in


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