Outside the Lines

paint girl

I’ve spent a lifetime
trying to color within
the lines, yet knowing
I’m an outside -of-the-line gal.

I did not do well
at fitting in
being popular
never elected queen
of this or that.

Many people have
disapproved of things
I’ve said and done
which tells me that
I’m better at coloring
outside of the lines
than I thought.

There is a price to pay
but I wouldn’t want it
any other way.

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10 Responses to Outside the Lines

  1. Loved the message in this piece!! Society doesn’t like people who color outside the lines, you know, the rebels and rogues? Ha! Really a great post!!!


  2. Reblogged this on Willow Andreasson's Journey Into The Mysteries of Life and commented:
    Oh, how this sums me up perfectly… the woman who never fitted in yet has now embraced that fact with open arms 🙂 And do you know what? It’s perfectly fine being yourself. Thank you, dearest Pat, for such a beautiful poem 🙂 x x x


  3. spartacus2030 says:

    Hey! You have some real friends here too Pat! ‘Birds of a feather’ and all that. You win some and you loose some. The ones you win, you always wanted anyway. And the ones you loose, you’d just as well not want to know them. So it’s all good :O)

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