Pie Wisdom

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Pie–golden crust outside
sweet or savory within
fill to the brim
with what you choose.
The world will gobble
you up either way.

P eople
I nvesting in life
E ach one a baker

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5 Responses to Pie Wisdom

  1. Lovely words and a marvelous slide show!! I’m hungry now!: )


  2. chelharris says:

    I have learnt over the years ,Pat ,to be myself and that is a brittle exterior , easily broken , and a sweet custard cream center I am willing to share only with friends I can trust .


  3. rbhexem says:

    all those delicious calories. gaining weight just looking at them…..


  4. Nezra's Opiate says:

    Oh my….
    Those pies are making my
    belly fly. ❤


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