Stop Struggling

Intuition, synchronicity, coincidence
once I started paying attention,
I found my life filled with
a communication far beyond
every day life.
What was once mystical
became the norm. As I
opened to receive this
Divine guidance, in even
the most ordinary circumstances,
it responded with abundance,
with love.

So simple that we do not
believe. We are so used
to struggling that we
assume that unless we
suffer, it isn’t valid.

Faith is not for the holy,
for each of us can walk
with this knowing that
we are loved and guided
so simple
start with a willingness
and desire, to let go
and receive
so simple…just do it.


  1. Recently I have decided to stop hiding my inner communion with the spirit world. I f2eel everyone is able to if they choose to and it is the only way that I want to live`! Thank you, Pat!


    • I once was given the word “surrender” during a difficult time. I had asked in a heartfelt prayer, “What am I supposed to learn with all of this?” I spent the next year pondering all that surrender could mean in the various aspects of my life. It was a year of many wonderful lessons. Life is much easier when we let go and live each moment as it comes. hugs, pat

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  2. And when I realized it was always there…I just had to let all the other ‘stuff’ go that was drowning it out. I was amazed as more and more came through…my own ‘on tap’ spiritual radio, I just had to tune it in. Great piece Pat, brought a smile to this station 🙂


    • Well said. It is true that the more we listen and follow our intuitive inner guidance, the stronger it becomes. I live 100 % with this now. Even when I do not understand how it could be right or if I want to do something else, I follow the inner voice and it has NEVER led me wrong. We simply can not see the “big picture” but this that guides us does. hugs, pat


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