Become the Sky


I am going to slide
out of the side of the cloud
and become the sky.

Filling universes upon universes
I make my escape
into the Great Beyond
where there is only
light and love
into which I merge
and become
One with All.

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8 Responses to Become the Sky

  1. Mark says:

    ❤ this. Thank you for sharing.


  2. JanBeek says:

    Today we learned that a young girl (in our little town of less than 1,000 people) died – she drowned in a tragic accident in the Yellowstone River. This poem showed up today like a tribute to her life – and a comfort to her family and friends… She has made her escape, and for those of us left behind, I find it helpful to think she has joined God and “become the sky.”

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  3. chris jensen says:

    Now, you’ve seen the light!


    hugs chris


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