Order or Not


I’ve always
liked everything
organized, in
its proper place
living a calm rhythm.
Yet there is a
wild side of me
daring, adventurous
even outrageous at times.

I’m learning to
honor them both
the yin and yang of me
for if I try to push
one away, ignore its needs
I become divided
not whole
incomplete even.

I’ve spent a lifetime
trying to live up to expectations
mine and others
instead of just accepting
all of the parts of me.

Now I am exploring
learning about each
of the complexities
that are part of the
kaleidoscope of me.


  1. Great post! Knowing self is probably one of the most difficult things there is for us to do, and yet the rewards are great. In contrast no lie is as great as the one we tell ourselves and those consequences can be heart-breaking…like Mr. Dalio says when we learn who we are it can be very peaceful and empowering.


  2. I love the idea of embracing both sides. I am learning more each day to appreciate me being me, and I find it very peaceful and empowering 🙂


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