God’s Plan

“All will happen as I have planned.”
We know not what is the great design;
only what is in front of us can we see.
The worst of times can be a miracle in the making.
We must trust our Creator; follow that inner voice,
knowing that all is as it should be.


  1. I’d like to ADD this as a reply to WordsFallFromMyEyes.

    There’s a bible verse on this, specifically. But before it’ll make sense — this struggle internally you’re having has to do with faith and believing that God is who He says he is — if God is who He says He is and He therefore can not lie and there is no darkness in Him — it’s true.

    Therefore, the following promise must also be true.

    “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28


  2. I do not begin to understand “why bad things happen to good people.” I was a paramedic and have seen terrible accidents. I work with children who are abused, handicapped, etc. The list is endless. I have been through some very difficult times, too. The one thing I have learned is that “the worst of times can be a miracle in the making.” And, no matter what happens, we can learn, grow and be a better person for having had the experience. I just keep asking, “what am I supposed to learn here?” I believe that every person, every situation can teach us: patience, how to be more loving, faith, compassion, etc.

    As for what you are suffering….hold Daniel and recapture that love you felt for him when you looked into his eyes…and let go of the suffering. We may not always have a choice about pain, but we do have a choice to not suffer as this is our attitude toward what we are experiencing. You have so much to be grateful for. Start a gratitude journal and write down five things for which you are grateful, and do this every day, not repeating any. I did this for a year, and my life changed dramatically. When I started, I never thought I could write down five things every day, but it got easier and easier. And remember that much of what happens to us results from our thoughts, actions, and decisions. You are a strong, beautiful woman with a loving heart. You are Beloved, as we all are. I know you have captured my heart in the short time since I met you. Thank you for visiting here and being honest about your feelings. I like that about you! And keep coming back if you feel these poems help you. I know I am learning a lot from them. I send you and Daniel a big, Brazilian hug….people love to hug here. pat


  3. It’s a strong & inspiring quote, but you do question – is what I’m suffering in God’s plan? Sometimes you make choices that impact directly on your happiness. Do you say that’s really in God’s plan? You could have chosen otherwise, a better path. I say this in reflection of my experiences, and choices I made regarding the father of my child. Surely what happened was not in God’s plan? This one I find a bit difficult to believe, wholly.


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