Window of Time


Through the window of time
there is no up or down
no past and future
nay, side-to-side
yet there is all of this
and more.

Quantum balls passing
through the hole
splitting into possibilities
am I me
or multiple me’s
living each possibility
which splits into infinity?

Divinity releasing into holograms
which also divide into sameness
bits of Light
innate Divinity
souls experiencing
all aspects of life
mirrors reflecting mirrors.

If I shoot a bullet
which me will I kill?
If I soothe a child
will I be soothing me?

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4 Responses to Window of Time

  1. Wow, I’m blown away. Simply awesome! It’s all me…

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  2. jensenempire2551 says:

    It seems all time happens in one moment! Just like a dream…

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  3. Thank you Pat — we are beginning to really experience our multi-dimensional selves, aren’t we. Stepping beyond concept into real time experience. Brava!

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  4. That is very good Pat. Who am I, or you…really? A great thinking verse 🙂

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