When I Die

dew on spider web

And when I die
the spider will
still spin its web;
all will go on
as if I had
never come
or gone.

So what is
so important
that I waste
precious time
being upset
for in the end
none of it matters
the spider
will still spin its web
and I will be gone
too soon forgotten.

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15 Responses to When I Die

  1. I love the structure of your stanzas!


  2. Nazir says:

    How about the old guy who plants a sapling of a tree knowing well he won’t be there when it bears fruit?


    • Pat Cegan says:

      I plant trees as often as possible. Today I have more than 40 in my yard that I planted. I also carry tree and fruit seeds with me when I walk in the floresta to plant as I go. If we just look, there are many spaces where we can plant a tree. hugs, pat

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  3. george agak says:

    what a thought…Solomon called it vanity


  4. A great reminder for all! Very well said!

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  5. luckykaye says:

    Exquisite photo and words to match!

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  6. Never fair lady…the ripples of your energy will go on and on, love can never be diminished 🙂 Namaste

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  7. Oh yes this is so good! Why waste time indeed! 😀

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  8. Nice stuff here! Thanks! With the loss of my friend, I feel you on this….

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  9. jensenempire2551 says:

    And so will i!

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  10. henriecastle says:

    Wow, I don’t really have a lot to say, but I felt like it was worth letting you know that I absolutely loved this.

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