On Being Spiritual

red moon

What does “being spiritual”
mean? What is this longing,
this unrequited desire,
elusive but real? It leaves
me restless, wanting I know
not what. I find solace in
nothing in this world.

So I turn to
that which
calls me
into the
of discovery.

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7 Responses to On Being Spiritual

  1. Amazing Picture! Am ‘ spiritual’ through ‘material’ as about the Pic shared above !


  2. elliebloo says:

    I think spirituality for me is listening. Lovely post.


  3. Beautiful Picture. Great Post. Thank You For Sharing…


  4. Reblogged this on ramblingsofamilitaryspouse and commented:
    MAny people do not slow down enough to even recognize a spiritual moment. Sad really. Elusive or real? Real. Every thing done in the world has a spiritual consequence. Sad you would never know this by peoples behavior.. very nice…thanks for sharing..


  5. Lead Our Lives says:



  6. dykewriter says:

    “I find solace in
    nothing in this world.”

    resonates a bit too deeply


  7. billieazahir says:

    Thanks for your honesty…I don’t believe too many people actual give any thought what “being spiritual” actually means even if they claim to be it. I wish you well on your personal path to discovery. Best wishes.


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