Generosity of Spirit

girls sharing braids

How many times
should we help people
in need? When have
we done “enough?”

If a mother stops
feeding her child
because she has
done it so many
times, we would
think she’s a
bad mother. If I
refuse to help a
blind man cross the
street because I’m
in a hurry, am I wrong?

Of course, you exclaim.
Yet again and again I
see people unwilling to
help others, even in the
smallest ways.

How can we have world
peace and unity if we
do not have enough love
in our hearts to
help each other?

May we learn to be
as generous as
our Creator.


  1. Great thoughts. Unless the Lord speaks to me and I clearly hear that I am holding someone back from growing – not what I think you are talking about here at all – I should strive to be as generous to others as the Lord is daily with me.


  2. Thanks for sharing and encouraging others to help those around them who are in need. I have found that the more love I send out the more I get back. It feels good to know you have been a blessing to another. God bless.


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