Running from Me

loud music

Blaring “music” with hypnotic
beats blasting hours on end
muzac sounds in restaurants
elevators, dentist’s offices.
How is it that we can no
longer live in peaceful
silence? We have grown
so afraid to be with our own
thoughts that we fill our
heads with unrelenting noise
our bodies with numbing substances
our lives with exhausting busyness.

What are we really afraid of
avoiding at all cost?
What is deep within
that terrifies us so?
You will never find true peace
until you have the courage
to look at what you’ve
been avoiding so long.


  1. Very thought provoking, Pat, and it is good be alone in silence, at times. We need to feel good in our own company and face head on our fears. Though I’m not always the best role model, I have to admit. 🙂


  2. Sometimes I blast my music on the way to work as a source of encouragement. I usually listen to Beyonce, one of her feminist anthems just to get pumped up for the day. But there are times when I just want peace and quiet. I find that swimming in the evening is the most relaxing exercise you can participate in to silence all the bull crap running through my mind. After swimming, I go home and fall right to sleep without feeling stressed.

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