One More Chance

Another chance
opportunity to get it
right this time.
I will give it my all;
regardless of outcome,
I will remember
that this is all
I need to do.

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9 Responses to One More Chance

  1. Carly says:

    Give it one more go! Encouraging post, Pat! ❤️


  2. SouthernGal says:

    This is an inspiration for me to finish my dissertation. lol

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  3. Hikari Yori says:

    Yes! To give my best ~ Hikari Yori


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  4. So important to remember, all we have to do is our best! Lovely poem!

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  5. D.A. Lavoie says:

    Wise words my friend…so powerful…have a great Thursday…big hugs, Delvi.

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  6. I wish you success Pat!
    Diana xo

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