No Solutions


I will not solve your problems
loving you enough
to let you suffer
until you can understand
how to become free.


  1. The most difficult it seems lesson to learn on life’s journey: becoming free! I love the image, Pat, and the words you post. They sound as if coming from experience: one must allow the other to live his/her own life as it unfolds each day! We are all seeking this freedom to be! And, it is so very different from “license”! I remembered that when some pertinent word, phrase or thought would catapult everyone into silence — and a pause in the ungoings of talk, work, recreation, and exhuberant relaxation — some one quite unexpectedly would come out with this saying:
    “Put that in you pipe and smoke it!” Sometimes it takes a long hibernation or a trip to the icecaves of Northern Wisconcin to come to the realization, where true freedom lies! Sometimes on mountain tops, sometimes under a tropical palm tree; at the zoo, or in the African Sarengheti, or the clear blue waters of the Aegian Sea!. Whever it may be that a person is, at work or at play, in a traffic jam or blizzard from the far North, in an space of earshattering noise or with a soothing musical background, that is where Love dwells at the depths of one’s heart and soul! That is the place where freedom is learned! And, what a challenge this is each day, at each breath and taking the next step! It’s always a new beginning, isn’t it?


  2. This is a good lesson for all of us. It takes a great deal of experience to finally understand that we can not do everything for those we care for, and through love we must allow them to learn on their own road, doing our best to remain patient. Thanks for sharing this!


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