Listen With Love


Can you listen
without “fixing”
offering solutions
that are seldom welcomed?
Mostly people just need
to verbalize their feelings
to someone who can listen
without judging or
needing to “fix” the problem.

Just listen
with full attention
with love.
Whatever is your belief
religion or philosophy
seek out first
everything else
will follow
for love is eternal
the Divine Matrix
of our Creator

Love remains when
all else has passed away.
Love is life
all life comes
from the Creator.
the supreme gift


  1. I had this happen to me yesterday and it made me think about what we say, when we ask people how they are doing, is it true, do we really care how they are feeling today? Do we really want to know or is it just an automated response to seeing them in the morning? Yesterday I answered someone who posed this question to me and they responded by blowing off my feelings and responding with “we are all busy”. Sometimes I really think we need to pay more attention to what we say and if we are actually saying what we mean, if he didn’t care about me then why ask how I’m doing?
    sometimes I don’t want people to respond with a “we all feel that” kind of attitude, just listen and have compassion, “I’m sorry your morning is rough” would have been a better response. Listen and have compassion, people shouldn’t make everything about them.
    Sorry I went into this, just something on my mind and had to say something.


  2. It’s so funny, the post just before this one, I wrote this as a comment,

    (about what get’s on your nerves) when people don’t listen.
    Don’t be fooled, when they look like they are listening, they’re not. And are merely conjuring up what to say next. So therefore, actually talking but in their heads.

    Maybe apple could create a personal volume button for our heads?

    and then I read your beautiful poem, which tied it all together with a beautiful love ribbon, thank you 🙂


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