Letting Go

Now we must go
our separate ways
both wiser for having
met. I wish you well and
send you light and love
to keeep you steady on
your chosen path.

Each realtionship has
its time in our lives.
When the moment arrives
to go in different directions,
we must do so with a knowing
that it is Source who
governs all things. We
must let go and trust,
bearing no grudge, only
gratitude for lessons learned.


  1. I really enjoyed this poem. I am having a difficult time letting someone go and handing over the trust and faith to a higher power. I know it needs to happen, but I just keep hanging on, hoping that something will change. I would give anything to finally let go.


    • Our intentions, our thought are so much more powerful than we realize. You will let go a little at a time perhaps, and one day find that you are free. Just keep this intention firmly in your mind. Each thing that we experience can be a lesson. I always ask, “What am I supposed to be learning here.” This immediately shifts me out of the victim role and puts me in a better place. hugs, pat


    • I always laugh when people think that everything I write is autobiographical. Yes, I am going to continue as long as Source wishes it. This poem was inspired by a friend who has been suffering greatly over a relationship ending…something we have all experienced. Nice that you cared enough to ask, dear friend. hugs, pat


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