Failure’s Son

father and son

I have many fathers
yet I have none
an orphan abandoned.
Just as I was filled with hope
success was guaranteed
everyone claimed me
as his own
but once failure was assured
nary a father called me “son.”

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10 Responses to Failure’s Son

  1. My lovely Dad was in my opinion (which is all that matters in this instance) the greatest man there ever could be. I loved him without question and unconditionally as he did me. I feel so lucky that he gave me such understanding and feeling that I now know I can use to help others. He was and always will be my hero. Missed beyond words.

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  2. jensenempire2551 says:

    Pat you didn’t run the dug-out did you?


  3. jensenempire2551 says:

    i had a father, yet he was none! He worked so hard to keep everything, as child just seem like i had an boss and not a fatherly love, but a non-pay cheque at the end of the week.. Only the food i could eat and the cloths on my back, however now that i look at it in writing that is more than some children see their whole lives…

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