True Peace

The truest peace comes
when we are alone with God.
Make time for this gift of serenity.

Sometimes we see a situation in
duality. Everything has its opposite.
Tears and laughter can be the same.
The meanest person can have a tender moment.

Fill your life with that which gives
you contentment. Avoid that which pulls
you down. If you were a at a banquet,
would you choose the foods which make
you ill? Be wise about with whom
you spend your time.

No matter how dire circumstances
can be, there are stars to enjoy,
sunsets every day. If we choose to
ignore beautiful gifts which give
us peace and joy, we choose to
live in turmoil and grief.

Please do not do this for there
is much to fill us with gratitude,
which sweetens the lives of all.


    • Barbara, I am happy that Source of Inspiration is a source of inspiration for you. The poems, which seem to just pour out of my pen, are also teaching me. I do not understand where they come from but their wisdom and charm guide me as well. Thank you for your continued presence here. hugs, pat


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