Those Who Whisper to Us

How is it that our identity expands
and contracts? I say something unloving
with a habitual pattern of criticism,
then surprise myself by coming out with
wisdom beyond my means. Is my soul
attracted to, combined with, influenced
by other unseen sources, or am I a
patchwork of many realities sliding in
and out of characters?

Who are the without-form presences
that whisper in my ear? My fluid
beingness slides between realities.
Voices come from a between-place. I
hesitate to tell you this for I do
not wish to hear you whisper, “crazy.”

Insanity grips us all at times; most
have learned to hide its call behind
the mask of cultural demands. Tell the
truth, which of you has not visited
other-world realities, where nothing
is as it seems?


    • It is ironic that we often feel alone when we never really are. People ask how I can live alone on the edge of a great floresta, but I never feel alone, and indeed, am not. Hugs, pat


  1. Pat your are far from on your own in this sort of feeling.. We often are nudged and guided within that sphere of thought as we are inspired or comment with pearls of wisdom we didnt know we had.. And yes we can also be harsh and critical.. We have within all of us a dual nature.. and at times we can attract those who whisper in our ears from both sides of the fence..
    I enjoyed this poem immensely ~ Sue xx


  2. The collective brain theory supports these ideas

    from the same source we begin and to that source we return

    we are all star dust after all


  3. …are we all different aspects of Anima Mundi, soul of the world? And is our personality an expression of our perspectives, our prejudices, opinions – and as such fluid?


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