Toad and Bird

When we are authentic,
being our true selves,
we are calm and deliberate.
We do not fret and fear want.
We have no need to over-consume
and hoard, taking only a minimal
amount to sustain us for this moment.

Be open, airy and free;
shake the clod of mud
from your feet, cut the chords
of attachments which bind
you as surely as shackles.
Walk out of your house with hands
empty and never look back.

Live as birds and toads do, free
to fly or hop, to enjoy the blue
skies and clear water, fee to be
exactly they are, a bird or a toad.


  1. Pat, one thing I so love about your blog is the pictures you choose! This one is funny and poignant at the same time. Thank you for the exquisite poetry…


    • Thank you for your comment about the pictures. The Internet is an amazing source of photos. I also enjoy photography and have a large collection of pictures. It is wonderful when I can find just the right photo for a poem. hugs, pat


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