The problem with religion
is that it keeps us so busy
arguing inside some doctrinal
maze that we can not see the
simplicity of life. We study
texts considered sacred, sent
by God, yet subject to the
interpretation of man.

It is not that religion is
“bad” or even “good,” but
rather that it is not the same
as spirituality. Can we be
spiritual and religious at
the same time? This is a very
serious question, folks. Consider
what is needed for this to occur.

I’ve worshiped in many religions,
in shamanic rituals, and on
beaches at sunset. I’ve bent
my knees in forest glades and
asked, “Who am I? Why am I here?”
I’ve sung praises to a Creator
I find everywhere, finally
understanding that I am part of the
essence of this Divine Force that
manifests as pure love energy again
and again, duplicating Itself, creating
universes beyond number.

Yet even as I consider this, I go
back to the statement, “Life is
simple.” When we pare away the
superfluous, we find love. Just
this. We can choose whatever we
want to do, as long as we always
act from a position of love. Keep
this simple truth and, like a magic
wand, life will become simple.


  1. I like your bottom line, Pat: “When we pare away the superfluous, we find love. Just
    this. We can choose whatever we want to do, as long as we always act from a position of love.” The reason I go to church and worship once a week in that fashion with a group of other striving sinners is because I appreciate the brand of love and trust we share as we struggle to walk the talk together. Yes, I can worship in the woods or on a mountain top or at the beach or while fishing on the river, but that’s not my ONLY was to honor God’s commandment to “Keep the Sabbath.” The bottom line is where to find love, where to find encouragement for that “position of love” we strive to maintain, and how to BE THE LOVE we hope to find when we pare away the superfluous. God bless you!


  2. Pat, to this post, I couldn’t agree more with your words of wisdom. I could go on and on…but in keeping with the message of simplicity, I will simply say: AMEN.

    And Thank You. Love, Leslie


  3. Dearest Mystiic, I, too, know the sweetness of gratitude. It is the key to opening the door of love. Thank you for your lovely comment that helps us to understand how important gratitude is in our lives. hugs, pat


  4. I have found oneness in GRATITUDE!! in Gratitude… Love is expansive… πŸ™‚
    When I read your post… I felt one with th energy… Thank you for sharing so deeply!!


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