Only the Pure


I neither come nor go
for I am everywhere.
I am beyond adoration
filled with universes
constantly creating more.

In having nothing
I have everything.
The cure for greed
is to realize
what is seen
is not there.

What do you take to
the grave…nothing.
All is left behind
treasures of illusion
foolishly hoarded
guarded with fear
lost in the end.

Guard only your integrity
surround it with
the light of love
for all else passes away
leaving only that
which is pure.

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4 Responses to Only the Pure

  1. Profound and gorgeous, Pat! ♥


  2. No-one knows what happens when we die, because no-one has ever come back to tell us what it’s like after death. I would like to think that death isn’t the end, but I can’t fathom a God who would allow so much misery in His name.


  3. D'Ann K says:

    This is a powerful and truthful message. Integrity only matters before we die.

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