How Close is Love?

You pass near me
and I catch the fragrance
of your skin. If I were blind
forever, I would know the scent
of your love.

You pass near me
and I feel the jolt of your energy.
I do not need eyes to tell
me you are here for the stream
of love that you send out embraces me.

If you were far away,
you would still be close by
for you visit my thoughts
leaving tiny kisses on my lips.

I draw a breath and feel the
flutter of my heart as it senses
your presence, always with me in a
steady pulse of love. For this I am
grateful; I am at peace, I am fulfilled.


    • Thank you, Valerie. People often ask me how I can live alone by the floresta on a game reserve. Aren’t you afraid of being alone? they always ask. But I never feel alone. There is a peace that comes that makes one so happy just to be. George Burns quipped on his 99th birthday when they asked him to say a few words at his party: “Well, I am happy to be here tonight. Of course, at my age, I am happy to be anywhere.” LOL He was a funny man who got funnier as he got older. Hope I do, too. Life is good! hugs, pat

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