Worse Today?


Is the world worse today
or pretty much the same?
There has always been savagery
wars, killing, deception, greed.

Is the world worse today
or just more people to squander
resources, pollute land, air and sea?

Is mankind awakening to his spirituality
finding his voice within
or have we been tricked
by New Age propaganda
designed to make us passive
ohm-ing our way to accepting
whatever we are told
without ever examining
questioning, or refusing?

Is the world worse today
or have we finally grown tired
of its insanity?

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8 Responses to Worse Today?

  1. Great Pat.
    All is the same. We just use different terms to describe the same sins that we place upon one another. It is said that what we don’t learn from our past will be repeated. Therein lies insanity. Your last line confirms this sad fact: “Is the world worse today or have we finally grown tired of its insanity?”


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  3. No, always been a dark place looking for light!


  4. In all the things we do in our lives there is only one common denominator…and that is that we never learn anything unless we go through a tough trial.
    And in this instance I think the greed will finally break something that will send us into that trial by fire. Something in the natural system of this beautiful land that we all inhabit will be corrupted or broken from which the only return and understanding of ourselves will be after the event, and we will have to change within to go through it.
    Only then will we learn to have that love of the things that we share, and that it has no monetary value whatsoever. Only then will those that commercially rule this land be rejected for the deceit that it is.
    We need to go through this trial…but at what cost!

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