Listening to the Crone


I would have a word with you.
Let this crone tell you true,
all your tears are for naught
if you do not learn the lessons
they bring. Life is hard for a
reason, to push us forward when
we linger in complacency.

Find solace in meadows fair,
make your wishes on the stars,
keep our Creator ever in front
of you for Divine Love guides
your every step if you so desire.

Youth seldom listen to words
from those to whom time has
given wisdom. If this is so
with you, then go and make
the same mistakes we all make
when our arrogance blinds us
to the truth. God is patient,
and so am I. We are here when
you need solace and guidance.
You laugh and blow kisses;
I smile, remembering my own
need to learn by myself
so many years ago.


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