Beyond Duality


Everything contains
it opposite
in the realm of duality
hate and love
joy and sorrow
wise and foolish

Look at both sides
to know who you are
in this world of illusion

Then look at who you are
without duality

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8 Responses to Beyond Duality

  1. bwcarey says:

    exactly, when the wind stops blowing and the silence begins, we dust down our inner selves and what we are left with, is I, thanks for the post, very enlightening, amen


  2. Mark Edward says:

    are hugs O’s or X’s?


  3. splendiferoussimplicity says:

    This is beautiful. 🙂

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  4. Mark Edward says:

    I am forced to do charitable acts, so its not charity is it, but it is who I am to do it, as I have accepted it even at cost to any happiness, yet charity ought to bring happiness to do well, but nothing alter I give more than I could afford. so I must suffer. Do you have a facebook or an IM I would love to talk to you, I can give email if you would like to chat I wish to find wise advise if you any good at giving it, but I would say my life has always been strange.

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