Unkind Chatter


Inner dialogue
should be called chatter instead
that ceaseless criticism
of ourselves and others
that fills our head with disquiet

Oh, to have serenity
to walk through life
without rancour or fear
to possess control of my mind
keeping it focused
always on loving intent
walking always in the
light of the Lord.

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6 Responses to Unkind Chatter

  1. Mimic Nature says:

    it’s that chatter that can drive people insane. I have been working on meditation because I am learning to quiet that part of my mind, even if only for a time. During this time I do not become “brainless” as I still think and do things, but I stop that inner chatter that controls my emotions and drives me if I’m not careful.

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  2. Harbans says:

    While walking with the light of our LORD, all the darkness is removed and there is start of hope for a peaceful living.


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