No Human Soul


The soul is not human;
it is Divine
connecting with
the entire matrix
of our Creator.

The soul has no lessons
to learn; it is perfect
love energy incapable
of errors.

That which you call me
is this soul temporarily
experiencing life on Earth
as an imperfect human being.

All souls are part of Source,
and, like a hologram, are complete
Source in every way, perfect in
their entirety.


  1. I shared this on my blog today, Pat. It’s too good to keep to myself! I want all my readers to see this and be inspired by you as I was! ❤ Thank you!


    • Jan, thank you for honoring Source of Inspiration with your reblog. I often wonder how many people read these poems. With social media, reblogging and other ways they go out, it is staggering to think about. But that is how God works…when He wants something done, it happens. I just hold the pen and let Him do the work. Thanks for being such a faithful reader and for all your comments. ❤ hugs, pat

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  2. Thoughts profoundly worthy of deep contemplation. Souls are not human; they are divine. The part of me that always was and always will be … the perfect part. Yes, it’s in there. If I could just tap into it daily! ❤️👍🏽


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