A Knowing

old people

How interesting
that memory of the now
slips away as we age
yet sweet times of yesteryear
come easily to us now

More wrinkles, letting go
of what I can not longer do
for me is not a series
of losses but rather
making room
for new to come
into my life

Old age is the best kept secret
laugh if you wish
at our lost beauty
for we elders
know what youth
can never perceive

There is a knowing that comes
in our later years
but only for those
who have prepared
along the way

I know now
the answers to all
those questions
that seemed so important
at the time
I know
I know All

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2 Responses to A Knowing

  1. Marie Lough says:

    This sounds very welcoming – I just don’t want Too much to slip away!


  2. Wise words but I look forward to finding the elusive knowing, and enjoying whatever time I have left.


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