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I am not afraid of
“What if I can’t.”
It is “What if I can”
that terrifies me.

Do not tell me I am
a piece of God
a Divine Being.
It is too great
an idea for one
old woman living
inside the floresta
with varicose veins
and a fear of spiders.

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6 Responses to Terrified

  1. You are a part of the god consciousness and a magnificent divine being who shares divine loving wisdom with her fellow men… much love to you pat… love Barbara x


  2. Now finding one that size on the toilet roll.. I would be locking the bathroom door from the outside..
    While I have over come my fear of spiders.. I pride myself in catching them in glass pint pots the larger ones.. Those are a little bit too big for me to tackle..
    xxx ❤ Have a good week Pat.. and thank you for all you share.. xxx


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