Series of Losses


Some say old age
is a series of losses
yet loss is also
letting go. If we
only know how to seek,
how will we face the
inevitable loss
called “death?”

Every moment I am
letting go
rushing toward death
leaving unneeded parts
of me along the path
until only my essence
is left, pure Source
returning to Source.

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10 Responses to Series of Losses

  1. Yes, releasing things is a part of life. However, the word loss is so heavily charged and mostly with stuck energy. What if we reframed this? You do suggest this in your poem. What if instead of loss we use another word totally? We are creators co-creating and the words we use show us our mind map. Who can change our mind? Only I can change mine. Change my beliefs. I am not talking about not honouring sadness. This is something else. If we are to move through ‘grief’ then we must redefine and allow the feelings of loss to evolve naturally. Ultimately, it is about what we choose to experience. And it’s all okay. As long as we are growing into change. Blessings.

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  2. notmhs says:

    I like the thoughts in thisand I see many of my old friends letting go but not so sure about the rushing part . it seems like a gentle drifting rather.

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  3. Ammah says:

    Bitter sweet, yet true.
    Unfortunately for us our daughter decided to estrange us just out of the blue in her late 30’s.
    This is the hardest of all ….. to let go.

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    • Pat Cegan says:

      Yes, letting go of any relationship is difficult but when it involves a child, it is a crushing blow. But it does happen and all we can do is know we have tried our best. Sometimes the other person just needs to go through this even though it is impossible for us to understand. Keep her in the Light, in your prayers, and in your heart. Then live your life to its fullest. I am sure you know this already. extra hugs, pat


  4. Harbans says:

    The death is the happy occasion, as we will acquire a new frame leaving the old one.


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