Out of the Dark

Kilian Jornet climbing the Matterhorn in climbing time record.

Some crises come as a blow
out of the dark. This one
caught me unsuspecting —
I can not understand it; I
know there is no use trying.
I must submit to this unforseen
blow which leaves me a bruise
that hurts whenever it is touched.

Yet I will not give into fear,
which threatens to wash away
my faith. Rather, I will be firm–
no holes torn into my knowing
that my soul belongs to our
Creator, no moonlight blown
through empty spaces once
filled with joy.

But no matter how firmly I
rest in my faith, life has
changed and will never be the
same for me. It is up to me
how I will assimilate this
change. Will it be a shackle
that hampers my steady
movement forward, or will it
be an inspiration that fills
me with gratitude and the
power of the Lord?

For me, there is but one
choice…I call forth my
ever present guardians
and together we will sing of
the goodness of the Lord.
I lift the banner high
and continue my journey home.

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5 Responses to Out of the Dark

  1. whocantopit says:

    Yes nice, spiritual too. Reblogging,


  2. Hikari Yori says:

    Yeah. Let us journey back home together 🙂 In Christ, we stand strong


  3. slesser1013 says:

    Pat, I nominated your blog for the sisterhood of the world award. Please accept 🙂


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