Animals Who Pray

I’ve often wondered if animals pray,
some say they have no soul.
Since our Creator made all,
it would seem that all should have a soul,
for what is a soul but a bit of God,
be it cased in a lion or me.
Yes, I believe that animals pray,
love, weep, and love through eternity.


  1. Oh wow!! This is so beautiful. I posted a b/w image of a lion, similarly praying, in my post: Bolt of Inspiration Required.Here’s the link:
    Scroll to the last image and let me know what you think.
    I especially love lions as I am a Leo šŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing this!


    • Yes, Marina,
      Your lion looks like he is praying to me. Your blog is unique and beautiful. Thanks for giving me the link. Animals have always been special in my life. I am blessed to live on a game preserve in central Brazil with my house abutting a beautiful floresta. The animals and I live in sweet harmony, with never a problem between us. Many people ask me if I am afraid, but I have never had a reason to be. I walk alone all the time and find that the animals actually have protected me several times. Most amazing. Thanks for your visit and comments. hugs, pat


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