No Time for Mystical

sacred laundery
I am too busy to do all
this mystical woo-woo stuff.
It is hard to be mystical
midst a pile of dirty laundry,
car pools to little league,
every day living.

Hard? Yes, impossible–no!
In fact, when one begins to
tune-in to the Divine, every
day actions take on a quality of
sacredness. Living in the
awareness of the Divine, allows
one to create all that one does,
or is, into a sacred beingness.

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9 Responses to No Time for Mystical

  1. Very practical, scientific! Nothing mystical about this at all!


  2. shoe1000 says:

    Ill put on a white coat and join you


    • Pat Cegan says:

      I once called on a psychiatric hospital where the staff did not wear the usual medical uniforms. When I asked the doctor how they could tell which were the patient and which were the staff, he quipped,”We are the ones with keys, but even then, we are not sure because sometimes the patients get the keys.” If you join me in your white coat, I will look for your key…but even them I may not be sure. If I don’t want to be thought crazy and certainly do not want to join the ranks of “normal,” I use the term “mystic,” but laugh a lot. You delight me, hugs, pat


  3. mystic1muse says:

    Today, I took out the trash; across the way, silver sunlight on green trees.


  4. spartacus2030 says:

    You should be alright. You’re probably just having an off day. I get them all the time. That’s some way to do your laundry… Smile and you’ll be OK.

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    • Pat Cegan says:

      lol, thank you for the reassurance. This was me many years ago or me observing people around me today. I always hesitate to put certain poems up as so many people think my poetry is my personal diary. No, these are Source poems, I just hold the pen. I am 69 and all that is far behind me, thank goodness. Thanks for the laugh. Doing laundry in a river is hard work. I have done it camping but not lately. hugs, pat

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  5. Kurt says:

    Mystical woo-woo stuff!

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    • Pat Cegan says:

      lol, yeah, that is what my friends tell me if I make a mistake and tell them too much. Fortunately, I have some woo-woo friends who understand and do not call the white coat guys when I get too far out. 🙂 hugs, pat

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