Inner War


Once must fight the inner jihad–
the struggle against one’s own
darkness, selfishness, laziness
and greed. Oh my soul, a light
wrapped in the illusion of
darkness, struggling to come
forth and shine love on this
world of shadow.

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8 Responses to Inner War

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  2. shoe1000 says:

    so Kurt,
    should I say nothing?


  3. shoe1000 says:

    Sir, if you would like to point out something positive about the piece, I would find it constructive. But to just tell me that I am over thinking is not supportive, it is critical.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      The thing that is interesting about poetry, art, music, etc. is that everyone sees or hears it from their own perspective. Read it again later and see if you find a different perspective. hugs, pat


  4. shoe1000 says:

    It is only shadow because we have learned in this world to see those parts of us that come from wound and pain as negative. Am I not anything more than a set of experiences. Isnt it only that the fear inbred in me by my role models about being imperfect that leads me to seek things outside of my self that I “think” I need.
    How is it that we get to decide to call those things “darkness, selfishness, laziness
    and greed” and not see them as manifesting the wounds we have and see about treating the wounds instead of classifying our re-actions to them as something from a “shadow”


    • Kurt says:

      Shoe, why are you trying to over-think this wonderful piece? Please let it stand on its own.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Ah, truth from another view. There are so many ways to look at life, aren’t there? Thank you for your always thought-provoking comments. As a poet, I like the use of metaphors even when they classify things for it helps to ponder them and challenge what we have been taught to believe. hugs, pat


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