Give Again


Give what you have
to those who have none.
Then I will have nothing,
you say. How can this be?

Give, then give some more
and you will see the well of
generosity fill again and again.
Give with love, faith, with a
smile on your lips and the light
shining forth from your heart.
Share with others until not one
child knows hunger, not one
person lies homeless on a cold
street, until all know the love
which comes from the light
both inside and out.

And then you will understand
how to give and how to love.


This is a child living in the United States. If this can happen in such a rich country, think of what it is like where there is so much poverty. A child dies of hunger every five seconds. When have we given enough? When have we done enough to see that this does not continue?

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22 Responses to Give Again

  1. jade0207 says:

    Couldn’t even think of this pic taken in our country, Thanks for these lines
    Gave me an inspiration to be a change in the society

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  2. JanBeek says:

    Where is the “sad” button when I need it? Your message is clear. If everyone lived with such generosity in action, we could eradicate world hunger. But one child every five seconds? It makes me cry. My tears won’t solve the problem. My 20 bucks every now & then to “” won’t solve it either. But what if every person with $40 or more in their possession donated half of it to feed the poor? Now that would do it! And you’re right, we’d get it back triple and overflowing 🥰


  3. Homer Les says:

    Thank you Pat for reminding us that, yes, the homeless are right in our own backyard. Too many are so caught up in fear that they will not give of themselves, even a smile or a kind word, for the homeless and poor. God takes very seriously our care for the needy. Let us not be found wanting in this area.

    Homer Les


  4. Snowy says:

    Reblogged this on Snowy and commented:
    Counting your blessings…


  5. This phot haunts my day and breaks my heart. How can it be still happening when there is so much wealth in the world?


  6. ohlavasse says:

    I’m sharing this on my facebook timeline…hope you don’t mind?

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  7. Neither poverty nor hunger has to be an intractable problem. When there is political will to combat them, poverty and hunger are weaker enemies. Most recently, we’ve seen evidence of this in Britain. Of all the high-income nations, none is more like the United States. While child poverty rates in the United States were climbing in the 2000s, they were headed in the opposite direction in Britain. In fact, the British child poverty rate, when measured in absolute terms as we do here in the United States, was cut in half between 1999 and 2009. In the United States, the child poverty rate increased by 20 percent during the same time period.

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  8. lucywilliamspoetry says:

    Somehow knowing that photo is taken in the U.S makes it so much more heart breaking.

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  9. Just grabs at your heart doesn’t it? I wish I could help them all. Give time, give love, give money, just don’t give up on these poor precious ones. Wonderful post! Thank you.

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  10. Maxima says:

    Give with love, faith, with a
    smile on your lips and the light
    shining forth from your heart. ”
    Very nice warm substantially inspiring and loving thank you for these beautiful words
    with love maxima

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  11. hilljakayla says:

    Thanks for sharing this, it gave me hope to keep pushing to make a change in my community!

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