Arrogance of My Faith

3 animals

Is it arrogant to think the
Creator pays attention to me,
smallest speck in the universe?
Am I aware of each cell in my
body? Of course not, but I am
not God.

Sometimes it seems presumptuous
to think I receive favors from
the Divine. How do I, with such
human imperfection, arrive where
some have yet to be? Am I wrapped
in delusion–who do I think I am?

I think I am a thought of God, a
sparkle of Love Divine, a coming
forth from Source. It is my soul
that is part of the Creator —
perfect in every way. Each of us
are part of the Divine Matrix.
As we awaken to this knowing, we
understand with great humbleness
the Oneness of us all.

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9 Responses to Arrogance of My Faith

  1. Very wonderful piece

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yoshiko says:

    You are nominated with Versatile and Very Influential Awards, please check at Thank you


  3. dilip says:

    Beautiful thoughts! I believe God’s kingdom is open for all the perfect as well as the imperfect – for the latter it is ‘Hope to achieve perfection’.



  4. you are indeed god too…. the human divine being… integrated as never before…. and now we walk upon the new earth as ascended masters… IAM… Thankyou for sharing…


  5. johncpicardi says:

    Lovely, thank you. John


  6. dykewriter says:

    I have asked that of people. Isn’t it like claiming that you love a particular amoeba?

    I mean, by the time you point, it’s already divided

    so is it the left or right

    or neither, since now there’s two – but wait, they’ve divided

    and it seems like that the other direction


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