Reaching Out to Love

Did you miss a chance to love
today? To be patient, kind,
helpful? Did you offer a smile,
a willing ear, a hug?

Each person we meet gives us
an opportunity to grow in the Light.
Every time we ignore that gift,
we deny ourselves and the other
a moment of love…lost forever.

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9 Responses to Reaching Out to Love

  1. Very good! And as we give love, gratitude and forgiveness we grow in love until soon! we experience Universal Love as the Reality of Whp We Are and then everything we do is soaked in the Love We Are.

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  2. bebo2781 says:

    Beautiful. If we could only realize that we are all connected in one way or another.

    In the United States it’s very common to hear people say “I’m half Irish,” or “I’m a quarter German,” or “I’m three fourths Italian”. When people ask me about by ethnic background, I usually tell them, with great pride and enthusiasm, that “I’m about seventy five percent water as well as eleven percent carbon”.

    Check this out:


  3. Nina says:

    Reblogged this on Living Well and commented:
    Word: Love


  4. gnatseyeview says:

    Beautiful connection.


  5. That is beautiful pat x thanks for posting and reminding us to be kind and spread the love x


  6. Very important reminder that we must not miss the give and receive love. Thanks. Hugs, Barbara


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