One Precious Life

Tiny nest with only one egg,
one precious life,
waiting to arrive
to fill the world
with songs of Source.


My muse is a dear friend, Ceila who took this photo in my yard. Ceila constantly reminds me with her presence that there are many loving people who walk this earth.



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7 Responses to One Precious Life

  1. Dwelling Place says:

    Hi Ate Pat… thanks for your banana kisses and monkey hugs…ooohhh i love it…urgh urgh urgh…makes me more imaginative…tickled every single cell inside my rusty brain… hahahaha…

    We are all once a baby in a womb…waiting to arrive…priceless treasure of mom and dad….so precious!

    I…you…we are all unique precious work of art..having each own individual motif and distinctive style….and I see GENIUS in the making…..more hugs and kisses to a beautiful work of art….mmmwaaah(“,)


  2. Nina says:

    2 years ago, I had finches build a nest on my front door, it was amazing to watch the 4 babies grow up


  3. abichica says:

    beautiful poem.. Life is really precious! 🙂


  4. Beautiful poem Pat.


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