So sorry, everyone, just found out that this link above is not for a copy of this book but rather just a preview of the first couple of things. Too good to be true turns out to be just that. Why did I think was willing to give it away if I did? Anyway, I may laugh about it tomorrow, but today my face is red. Thanks for being kind about it and not complaining. hugs, pat

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4 Responses to NOPE! NOT For FREE

  1. I am grateful for this gift. Thank you for being a Source of Inspiration!


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Enjoy. I was delighted to discover that has a feature that allows me to send the book out free. Feel free to share it with others if you like it. The important thing is that Source poems are given to more people. ❤ hugs, pat


  2. anna mosca says:

    Thank you for your gift Pat! I remember you being among my first readers when I opened my poetry blog in 2011! So grateful for your poetry as well, I will enjoy your present on a quiet evening… 🌷🙏


    • Pat Cegan says:

      ❤ Thanks, Anna. Hope you enjoy it. I plan to make a series of these gleaned from the archives of my blog. The next one will be: The Path to Serenity: Forgiveness hugs, pat ❤


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