Joyous child or woman of despair,
who are you? I watch you cycle
again and again, ecstatic highs
that plunge you into paralyzing

Can you find your center, if only
for a moment? What is it that you
fear that keeps you on this roller
coaster, unwilling to step out and
face the shadow that consumes you?

There comes a time when each of us
must face our dark side. The pursued
must become the pursuer. To fail to
do this results in a treadmill of woe.

We need not do this alone for help is
waiting to be asked. Be humble, reach
out your hand and receive the gift
of serenity.

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5 Responses to Cycles

  1. Hi Pat, I haven’t visited in a while but your deep poem got me thinking which in itself is a triumph as I try not to think too much these days. Serenity is hard to find commodity these days but generally I feel those in their 80’s and 90’s have developed it.

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    • Pat Cegan says:

      Serenity, that nugget within, can be found at any age. Once we recognize and embrace it, we can tap into it to find our balance again. It does not mean we never feel the stress of life, but rather, can return to that balance more quickly, letting go of the issues that caused the problem much easier each time we are still and feel that “knowing,” that ultimately things of this life are passing. We are much more than our current role or even the accumulation of past experiences. hugs, pat

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  2. tcredle says:

    I enjoy reading your blog, and nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here:

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