Spiral Lesson — Portals

Portals 1
waterfall delight
big little boy smiles sweetly
the portal opens

Portals 2

Sacred openings
To the celestial realms
Now, you must decide

Portals 3

Portals exist
for all to use.
Love is the key
that unlocks
and opens.

Inside each waits
sacred knowledge
that thrusts us
to the beyond
where mysteries are revealed.

Portals 4
Why do we pretend
only we exist?
We close our minds
to possibilities
and quake with fear.

UFOs, aliens, ghosts,
terrorists, war, hunger
Fear locks the portal.

Each fear is a brick
in the wall of terror
that surrounds us
keeping us imprisoned.
Look carefully at what
feeds your fears.
You have a choice.

Portals stand waiting
each must decide.
Our fears are illusions,
when we are ready
they burst or float away.

Open your heart,
remember who you are.
Embrace the light.
Step through the portal
become One with All That Is!

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