Never Lose Hope


H elp is available; we must ask.

O pportunities arrive as we need them.

P atient expectation keeps us serene.

E verything we experience is a lesson.

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7 Responses to Never Lose Hope

  1. Reblogged this on sueshan123 and commented:
    Always hoping for the best. Just want to know all about.


  2. Crazydoglady says:

    I’m printing this one and sticking it on the fridge door, for my husband.
    Thanks Pat


  3. dykewriter says:

    I wish I could beleive this one


    • Pat Cegan says:

      You will when it is the right time. You are already working on it by reading from here, examining your life, being loving. I send you a blessing and a prayer that you experience the hope and serenity promised to all who love. hugs, pat


      • dykewriter says:

        the time was a year ago Pat

        I have tried for a year to find hope

        and there isn’t any for me

        I really don’t know why I bothered trying to get better

        when things are barely tolerable


  4. I help run the facebook page for our non profit Christian counseling center, would it be okay if I posted a link to this post sometime next month? I found it very inspiring!


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