Elusive Free Will

How does one believe that
we have free will when so
much we do and believe is
based on compulsory behavior?
From womb to tomb, we are
indoctrinated with the expectations
of our families, society, religion
to do or not do, to believe
certain dogma dressed as “truth.”

If there is no free will, then there
can be no reward or punishment. Yet
we find this idea unacceptable. Is
life then a mindless existence
caught in the throes of happen-stance?
We live, suffer, or at times, enjoy,
and then we die. Just this?

Whether we have free will or not remains
in question, but one thing I am sure
of is this. I have a deep longing, ever
present, that nothing satisfies.

What is this longing, for what, for whom?
How can it torment me and at the same time,
be of the sweetest nature? It leaves me
incomplete, empty, regardless of any
abundance I may have. It propels me to
seek, to understand, to call out to that
which beckons me on.


  1. Beautiful questions and thoughts. The Hindu view is that there is free will. The soul an essence of the universal spirit counsels but never interferes with free will. So Hitler could carry out his program no one standing in the way and his divine soul looked on in horror but could not succeed in intervening. God leaves us alone to do as we wish Karma accumulated would deal with the rest in time. After all we are not puppets on a string or else all existence would be meaningless. If necessary we shall reform on rebirth.
    Do visit my post on spirituality in Bangkok and comment as ivalue your comments and learn from them


    • Well said and I visited your blog. It is always helpful to see the viewpoint of people from different cultures. It is one of the joys of the Internet. hugs, pat


  2. I believe we have a free will. Thus we are able to discriminate and make conscious choices. We have a choice to anchor our actions to a noble cause and realise our true nature or to seek transitory goals and to get stuck in a vicious cycle of delusion.


  3. I believe we have free will. Free will to see our limitations, our woundedness and to hand them to God for healing. We have this choice always I believe, the choice to desire to be better and seek help to this end.


    • Interesting observation. Our choices certainly move us in the directions they indicate. We choose without thought too often, or worse, let other choose for us. Thanks for you thoughtful comment. hugs, pat


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