Our Trickery


Oh, the trickery
we use to deceive ourselves
surrounding ourselves only
with people who agree with us
quoting from blessed books
out of text to support our claims.

Welcome he who disagrees
who challenges
even rebukes you
for whether he is right or wrong
his words challenge you
to look at your assertions
and consider
there may be another
point of view.

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3 Responses to Our Trickery

  1. inmycorner says:

    or how about a “I can respect this and disagree too” button? As long as it is not a “but” button – my hackles raise when I hear someone use that word in a discussion. I try to replace it with “and’.

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  2. Pat Cegan says:

    Yes, let’s add: LOVE this, Not my cup of tea, You gotta’ be kidding! WP has a forum for ideas on how to improve the program. Let me know if you make the suggestion. hugs, pat


  3. ViewPacific says:

    Your idea has some promise.
    Do you think we could rally and convince WordPress to add a “dislike” button?
    Or, might there be buttons with even more nuances: “Ridiculous!” “Insane” “Probably an Error” “Crazy” ?
    Sure, there may be some uproars, yet we would all learn a bit more about ourselves and our assertions.
    Do you “like” this idea? 🙂

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