One Snowflake


One too many snowflakes
can cause an avalanche.
We should consider each
action we take. Will it
bring unexpected ruin,
or the results we wish?
It is often impossible
to know. Yet each of us
have an inner guidance
that leads us without fail.
If we follow this quiet voice,
regardless of the outcome,
we can be sure it was
the right action.


  1. Ahhh! The sweetness of the Inner Voice! And so true! we must test it, screen it: we have an Inner Voice that’s deeper than the voice that speaks: This Inner Voice is Omniscient, Omni-Loving, Omni-Joyful, Omni-potent. This Lively Silence we Are, and this guides our individually perfectly to Truth, to Harmony with One and all.


    • First we must understand we have inner guidance.
      Second we must be willing to consider using it.
      Third, we test it out, try it or second guess it to see its value.
      Finally, we accept its integrity and follow it implicitly.

      Look how far you have come. Not crazy, just needing to have more experience in discerning your will and the guidance being given. With time and testing, you will soon learn how to use this wonderful tool from Source. big hugs for your efforts and for sharing with us your experience, pat

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