Dragonflies and Helicopters

Sometimes I wish I could
hover awhile, just stop the world
so I can catch my breath, so I
can see past the blur that life
has become, to see the blue winged
dragonfly hover above an eddy.

Sometimes I want to fly a
helicopter above the floresta,
hovering at will for whatever
interests me, then land on a
remote mountaintop with no
roads giving access. There
I would sit and ponder, feel the
sun on my arm, the breeze on
my cheek, while the world waits
for me to push the “play” button again!


  1. you are so very capable, wow.


    It has been a fantastic experience with you being part of Jingle Poetry Community,

    Your poetry is sunshine to us,

    Hope all is well,
    share and have fun with our 48 poetry potluck today if you could.

    Bless you,
    with my best regards and gratitude.


  2. I love this, Pat. Dragonflies, for reasons of my own, I feel to be a kind of signal that things will go well. I’m not especially superstitious or into ‘good luck’ but they came to my attention at a point in my life that changed my life. Your words and images are wonderful!


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