No Critters Inside


Critters in my house
Remind me I’m no saint
One wack, and they’re gone!


  1. Wonderfully honest and self aware! While I like spiders in general (they eat less desirable bugs), I squish them sometimes myself depending on what kind and where they are. Such is the world.


    • I would never kill a spider outside but in the house is different. We have poisonous spiders here and if the poison did not get me, I would die from heart failure if one crawled on me. I live inside the floresta and my house is a closed as I can get it, but critters do get inside. I can not get them out sometimes so….I kill them and say a little prayer. I live on a game preserve so never kill anything unless it is a direct threat. Outside, it never has been because the animals know me and we are not aggressive with each other but inside the house, rules are different. hugs, pat


  2. Goodbye! That’s how I feel too. We have a spider that spins his or (her) πŸ™‚ web every night right under the walkway to the front door as if this is his thrown. Or her thrown.


  3. WOW, what an amazing photo! I don’t kill every insect I find indoors – but spiders are definitely on the top of my hit list. Sometimes I feel guilty, but not much. Crickets I always try to escort back outdoors.


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