My Gift to You


If I could give you
a gift, it would be
a moment in time when
you move into the energy
field of the Divine. Words
limit the experience for
it comes as a knowing, as
an awareness that normally
is dulled by this world of chaos.

There is an intense pleasure,
a surrounding and filling
Source of Love. Our mental
abilities soar, our perception
of other realities is focused.
The sense of oneness becomes a
reality, rather than a catchy
phrase. We are, at last,

H aven to the soul
O ptions unlimited
M iracles without ceasing
E nergy of the Divine surrounding

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7 Responses to My Gift to You

  1. Carly says:

    Beautifully written and expressed, Pat! 🙂


  2. StHaelRazor says:

    i am so amazed at how closely we are connected…even the images, those like the one with this perfect poem, the images of electronic force…did you know that the sacred fire is right there in highest frequencies of the electro-magnetic spectrum? it’s so cool. do you feel like a mad scientist sometimes or is just me??? i love this job and i love you, pat. thank you so much, zee


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Yes, Zee, our work continuously astounds and delights me. I am humbled to know how much Source manifests through us all when we allow it. I surround you with love and light throughout the day and night and honor you before Source for the work you are doing. hugs, pat


  3. These words ring true. I have gone through what you describe here. It is very moving.


  4. dykewriter says:

    Reblogged this on dyke writer and commented:
    Living Well in the recovery process

    I relate to the experience described in this poem

    moments of peace and clarity
    during mediation

    a hamronizing between



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